Insights-X 2023: Mass return of big brands

  • Faber-Castell, duo schreib & spiel, the Iden Group and STABILO to take part again
  • Fair dates 11 to 14 October including eXtra-Day

Famous companies, big brands and sustained campaigns will all be present at Insights-X this autumn at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. At last year’s successful restart, the organiser, Spielwarenmesse eG, listened to the voices of the industry and has taken them into account already for the next fair. The scope of the event for ‘stationery, office, bags and more’ has thus been expanded to include the new specialist retailer day on the Saturday.

Putting the customer at the centre

Insights-X takes place from 11 to 14 October – and even at this early stage its merits are being positively received. The new schedule has one particular feature: whereas the weekdays from Wednesday to Friday will, on the whole, be chiefly addressing buyers from larger multiple retailers across Europe, extending the opening to the Saturday offers specialist retailers an additional day when they can visit the fair. “This innovation has resulted from our visitor and exhibitor survey. There, the importance of Saturday as a trading day within the German-speaking DACH region became clear and we have responded appropriately to this,” explains Christian Ulrich, Spokesperson of the Executive Board at Spielwarenmesse eG. For the first three days, the trade can take advantage of the entire pool of exhibitors. On what is being called the eXtra-Day, a central area will be available to them with well-known suppliers and campaigns. Participants in the fair include Hans Jörg Iden, Managing Director of the Iden Group, who comments: “We welcome the new concept for the Insights-X fair with its expansion into various different hall areas and the option of opening on the Saturday as well. The result is an ideal mix of sectors for all visitors and one in which we’re pleased to be involved.” On the afternoon of Friday 13 October, the Autumn Conference of the duo schreib & spiel association takes place at the exhibition centre itself, keeping the distances involved very short and ensuring that no valuable business time is lost in travelling between the events.

Market leaders in the sector

Many manufacturers and big brands have already registered for the eighth edition of Insights-X. These include major domestic and international players such as Ambar, Clairefontaine, Exacompta, Lässig, Stylex and Undercover. Faber-Castell, too, will be in there again. “Insights-X is the leading trade fair, making it a yardstick for the important seasonal school trade and a key communication platform,” emphasises Stefan Matschke, DACH Region Sales Director at Faber-Castell, noting the strength of the back-to-school sector. “For ourselves and the retail trade, Insights-X offers an opportunity to get into face-to-face discussion with the decision-makers in the industry,” adds Klaus Fliegerbauer, Managing Director of Eberhard Faber Vertrieb. The high quality in terms of both exhibitors and visitors will continue to play an important part in the fair. Its compact format, perfectly tailored to the needs of the sector, ensures that visits to exhibitors are quick and easy to arrange. “As well as having a relaxed and casual atmosphere, the fair is also of key importance to us as a brand,” says Andreas Stark, Director Sales Germany – Sales Manager eCommerce at STABILO, emphasising the value of Insights-X. And he mentions a further plus-point in relation to ordering: “October is the ideal time. In short, it is a date that should be there in everyone’s diary.” The event will be rounded off by a party on the Friday evening, organised by Spielwarenmesse eG together with the exhibitors for all participants at the trade fair.

Offer for early bookers

The organiser has a special offer for early decision-makers: exhibitors who register through the website by 15 March will receive an early booking discount on the participation price. These companies will also benefit from an attractive media package, booked automatically as part of their registration. This includes voucher codes for invitations to customers and personalised marketing materials such as online banners promoting their participation in the fair. Also included, amongst other benefits, are a company entry in the online directory of exhibitors and a post on the Insights-X social media channels.

“We are really pleased with the positive feedback from the key players in the sector. Their unequivocal commitment to Insights-X will significantly boost its attractiveness to other exhibitors and among retailers, too, it will strengthen the decision to come to Nuremberg,” concludes Christian Ulrich.