Insights-X: Winners of the Special Award Ergonomics 2021 announced

  • Ergonomically designed fountain pen and rucksack with innovative back system
  • New information offering: Webcasts featuring industry experts

In collaboration with the IGR (Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie), stationery expo Insights-X has presented the Special Award Ergonomics for the second time. The award goes to products in the Writing utensils and (School-) bags and backpacks segments whose preventive and health-promoting design add exceptional ergonomic value. A jury of experts selected this year’s winners at the same time the cancelled Insights-X 2021 would have taken place.

Outstanding winners

The jury for the Special Award Ergonomics has spoken: In the Writing utensils category, the award goes to the EASYbirdy Pastel Edition from Stabilo. The non-slip grip zone and its ergonomic design make it easier for children to learn to write at school. Thanks to the adjustable nib, the EASYbirdy adapts to the child’s individual hand position, ensuring clean writing. A special edging on the nib prevents blue fingers. In the (School-) bags and backpacks category, first place was clinched by the Active Air FLX from the Norwegian company Beckmann. The back system is based on a combination of air and padding. This enables the Active Air FLX to distribute the pressure more evenly over a larger portion of the back and to fit around the wearer. The FLX system allows the volume of the rucksack to be increased from 20 to 25 litres when needed. In addition, the Active Air FLX is made entirely from recycled PET bottles.

Webcast on ergonomics

To supply the stationery sector with plenty of new ideas, Insights-X is extending its information offering. Experts will be sharing their insights into current trade topics and market developments in a series of short webcasts released throughout the year. Kicking off the series, the IGR’s Chairman Christian Brunner and Head of Marketing Ralf Eisele talk about the positive health implications of ergonomic products. The webcast can be accessed on the website at