Six stationery products in the running for the Insights-X Special Award Ergonomics

  • Winners to be announced on 7 October
  • Webcast with the Chairman of the IGR Christian Brunner

Whether at school or at work, ergonomic stationery products make a significant contribution to ensuring that children and adults can work safely and healthily. To promote the further development of such products, the Insights-X trade fair and the IGR (Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie) are presenting the Special Award Ergonomics for the second time. This prize recognises especially ergonomic products from the Writing utensils and the (School-) bags and backpacks segments. A jury of experts reviewed all of the submissions and nominated three products in each of the two categories for the award.

In the field of (School-) bags and backpacks, the Active Air FLX from Beckmann, the coocazoo from Hama and the DerDieDas ErgoFlex MAX “Neon Star” from Georg A. Steinmann were nominated. In the Writing utensils category, the nominees were the graphite pencil Jumbo Grip Two Tone and the fountain pen Grip Harmony, both from A.W. Faber-Castell, and the EASYbirdy Pastel Edition from Stabilo. Members of the jury assessed the entries against the criteria of preventative or health-promoting function, quality and design as expressions of functionality and durability. Ease of use, guidance for users and self-explanatory functions were also taken into account, whilst sustainability, ecology and meeting or exceeding social standards played a part as well.

The winners of the Special Award Ergonomics will be announced on 7 October in a webcast with Christian Brunner. In his presentation, the Chairman of the IGR will be speaking about ergonomic products and their relevance to healthy working. Further information on the nominees can be found at